Seth Guy

Seth Guy performing “Happy Birthday D!N DINS!” at D!N DINS 10, 24/06/17.

Seth Guy creates playful performative works which propose a discourse into the cross-modal correspondence of auditory and visual perception. Working at the intersections of language, memory and imagination, in which the act of listening initiates a need to reinvent, his work is experimental and idiosyncratic; often humorous and occasionally disquieting.

Over the course of 2018 for my Lab451 residency I will be developing three concurrent performance projects each investigating different collaborative practices. Collaborators are openly sought for these projects and this page will be updated regularly as each project develops.


D!N DINS (2016-)

D!N DINS is a performance installation, dinner party and sonorous happening for approximately eight mystery guests held in my studio at Acme’s Fire Station. Invited guests each bring food to share and each deliver a brief sonorous or sound-related performance of up to ten minutes between courses.

Since being awarded my studio at the Fire Station, I was keen to share the space with others in a generous way, to create conditions for something to happen which are potentially more revealing and meaningful. For guests who attend its also an opportunity to try out new material to a small audience, meet people outside of their networks, collaborate, and share ideas in an informal and fun environment.

Excerpts from recent performances can be heard here:

In 2017 I curated a variation of D!N DINS which was presented publicly for Art Licks Weekend featuring twenty performances from guests over two days. Guests presented new and rarely seen work making the event a huge success with writer and curator Francesca Gavin selecting D!N DINS as one of her “Top Ten Picks” for the festival.

Performers at D!N DINS include: Matt Chilton, Dace Kruger, Oliver Turtle, Hugo Danino, Oliver Palmer, Anne Bean, David O’Kane and Carol Anne McGowan, Fred Bungay, Miyuki Kasahara and Calum F Kerr, Mark Anthony Pearce, Sarah Duffy, Laura Yuile and Alex Frost, Victoria Karlsson, Eve Marguerite, Alia Pathan, Géraldine Gallavardin, David John Beesley, Ana Čavić, Kate Mahony, Angela Edwards, Aaron Williamson, Simon Farid, Allan Gunby & Leah Capaldi, Charlotte Elliston and Nick Brown, Terence Birch and Selina Bonelli, Samantha Donnelly, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Lucy Woodhouse, Richard Schmidt, Yoshika Kobayashi, Roddy Skeaping, S E Barnet, Lee Fraser, Molly Bloom, Anthony Elliot, Mark Browne, Even Why and Leslie Yao, Angie Brignell, Amy J Wilson & Ed Wong, Jenna Finch, David Goldenberg, Louisa Stylianides, Chloe Nicolls, Neil Kite, Alice Gale-Feeny, Agata Kik, and myself. and myself.

Events are held regularly throughout the year. If you would like to attend D!N DINS in future please get in touch via the contact box at the bottom of this page.

Ear & Eye (2017-)

Using water, plastic bags, food dye, paper and resonant objects, Ear & Eye is a live performance which through a chance operation produces sonic and visual art. Held in the Fire Station’s Studio X, and lasting approximately ninety minutes, Ear & Eye encourages one to consider the progress of time through sight and sound.

Detail of the abstract painting produced during Ear & Eye v1, 80cm x 50cm

From 2018, I want to encourage further risk-taking and experimentation by developing this performance into a collaborative action. Guest collaborators will be invited to respond and contribute to the live action and a small audience will be encouraged to participate. Should you be interested in collaborating please get in touch via the contact form below.


Intermix (2017-)

For each Intermix (propositions for performance installation), I record to video a new private performance where I resonate and record the sound of objects with my body. I then send the resulting video to a collaborator who then responds aurally to what they see, resulting in two recordings: the sound of the performance and my collaborator’s description. Save for either a static installation when exhibiting or a fragmented image detail when heard online, these are the only clues to what has occurred, inviting listeners to imagine and visualise what has been performed from what they can hear.

This album will develop over time as new performances and collaborations are devised and executed.

Intermix 1 was trialed, performed and recorded in collaboration with Jennie Huggins, September 2017. The second Intermix features poet Mark Anthony Pearce and was published in March 2018. You can listen to these recordings here.

Future collaborators are sought for this on-going project. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch via the contacts form below.



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